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19 July 2011 @ 11:25 am
Stamped as Mulan, John Smith & Tramp // Live Action Villain Theme  

Name: Lucy
Previously stamped as:
Regular: Mulan/John Smith/Tramp
Peter Pan Theme: Wendy
Winnie the Pooh Theme: Owl
Narnia Theme: Susan
Aristocats Theme: Duchess
Minion Theme: Kronk
Live Action Heroines Theme: Susan
Live Action Heroes Theme: Will
Wonderland Theme: The Rose
Classic Disney Characters Theme: Minnie
Inanimate Character Theme: Cogsworth
Magical Character Theme: Enchantress

Name some positive adjectives that describe you:Intelligent, kind, curious, ambitious, persistent, responsible, hardworking, compassionate, courteous, cheerful, logical, calm, peaceful, open-minded
And some negative ones:Stubborn, spacey, socially awkward, clumsy, vengeful, timid (sometimes)
What are your pet peeves?:Rude, hateful and/or selfish people. Bees/wasp/hornets. Extreme and/or unnecessary violence. Arrogant people who act like they're better than everybody else. Insecure people who need to put others down or belittle their accomplishments in order to make themselves feel better. People who crack their knuckles *shudders*
Do you abide by the rules or do you make them?: Abide by the rules. Unless they are completely unreasonable, that is.
Are you one to take orders?: Depends on who's giving them. I'll gladly take orders from an intelligent, competent leader. However, I will rebel against somebody who is disrespectful and/or incompetent.
What is your career/future career? Physician
How do you intend to achieve your goals: through power, strength, intelligence, or other?: Intelligence, along with lots of hard work and determination. Emotional strength, as well.

Cruel or kind? Kind
Water or land? Land, definitely. Deep water actually makes me a little nervous.
Tiny/short or big/tall? About average, maybe a little on the tall side.
Obsessive or laid-back? A bit more laid-back. Unless it's something I really care about.
Helps others or helps yourself? Why not both?
Competitive or cooperative? Generally cooperative.

Put in x beside all the words that apply to you or appeal to you.
[ ] Destruction.
[x] Money.
[x] Power.
[ ] Materialistic.
[ ] Manipulation.
[x] Cunning.
[ ] Sadistic.
[x] Superiority.

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Casting Crowns Fan!!!!!salveevery1 on September 1st, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
befernandezbefernandez on November 19th, 2011 08:19 am (UTC)
I definitely think Gwen. You put a high premium on intelligence and can't stand people who are incompetent and yet are still in positions of power. From your descriptive words, you seem like the kind of villain who would smile and smile and smile even as she plunged a dagger into your heart. I think they call those 'serial smilers'. You also seem very driven, which coupled with the premium you put on intelligence, screams Gwen Grayson.